Welcome to Werner Family Angus

Werner Family Angus is a registered Angus ranch located in the rolling hills of Southwest Iowa. Our family has been in the Angus business for nearly a century. We feel privileged to share a glimpse of our operation through this website. Hope you enjoy!

  • Bull Sales

    We sell 18-month-old and yearling bulls by private treaty. Bulls are available for spring and fall breeding seasons. With around 200 bulls sold annually, we hope to offer a bull to fit your specific needs. Our 90-day breeding-season guarantee provides peace of mind when purchasing a Werner Family Angus bull. Please feel free to give us a call or stop by to take a look.

  • Cow Herd Management

    We manage our cows with the goal of having the mature cows harvest their own feed year round. We practice winter grazing on stockpiled grass and rotational grazing in the summer. Our hope is that by raising our cattle in a more challenging environment they will excel in yours. We have a spring herd and a fall herd which complement each other in grass utilization.

  • Calf Management Practices

    We also practice early weaning and weaning on pasture. We don’t creep feed our calves or feed them a hot ration after weaning. We grow that at a pace which keeps them sounder and gives them more serviceable years.

  • Data Collection

    We collect data on many traits. We know different operations look at different numbers so we try to provide as much data as we can in a usable, understandable way. If you ever have any questions about what a number means or how it will affect your herd, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Individual Feed Intake Testing

    We have tested entire calf crops of both bulls and heifers since 2009. The ability to calculate individual cost of gain on each animal is very valuable. The data we collect here is sent to Iowa State where they have compiled feed intake data with performance data and analyzed the results. What they have found is females that convert better stay in the herd longer and breed back better.

We are glad you stopped by to visit our site! Please feel free to drop in or give us a call if you would like to learn more.

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