Werner Feed Efficiency is a custom cattle feed intake testing center
that is focused on faith, family, cattle, and accurate data.

Are you looking to lower input costs and increase your bottom line?
Let Werner Feed Efficiency provide the technology and numbers to identify the outliers in efficiency through your herd.

We Collect: 

• Individual feed intake data
• Weights throughout test
• 70-day ADG (Average Daily Gain)
• RFI (Residual Feed Intake), RADG (Residual Average Daily Gain) , Feed:Gain, and Cost of Gain

Werner Feed Efficiency has custom feed intake tested over 10,000 head!

What the test costs: 

• Enrollment Fee: $100/bull or $80/heifer (If cattle are tested in May, June or July, take off *$20/head.)
• Feed/Bedding/Yardage: Currently, it runs about $100/month/head. This value fluctuates with the price of feed ingredients.
• Vaccinations: The initial vaccination/deworming/PI test costs about $15/head. This value fluctuates with the price of medication.

Please contact for any questions, or to schedule your spot.