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Additional Bulls:

Registration Number: 16466004
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Price: $20/straw

Werner Conversion 8026W is a bull that does everything right for us. We have used him heavily since he placed near the top of the first group of bulls we ever tested for feed efficiency. He is moderate framed, long, deep, and thick.
Conversion has sired many calves that have been at the top of our feed efficiency tests. We have kept several sons whose calves have also done very well in the feed efficiency tests.
Conversion’s calves are born easily, grow rapidly, and express attractive conformation. Daughters are beautiful cows with excellent udders. Sons are masculine and powerful. Many of his sons are in our top two sale pens.
Conversion is the bull we go to to fix problems—birth weight (I don’t think we have ever pulled a calf sired by him), conformation, udders, disposition, gain, and efficiency. We believe he is one of the best bulls we have ever owned.

Registration Number: 17521874
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Price: $20/straw

This is a Conversion son who really takes it to the bank. He ranked #1 on his feed test against 65 other bulls.
2110W is a more compact bull with a frame score of 5.5 and is as wide as a barn. He sires calves with excellent growth and carcass quality.

Registration Number: 17660998
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Price: $20/straw

This Conversion son is a calving ease sire combined with top feed efficiency. He is ranked in the top 2% of the breed for CED (calving ease direct), the top 3% of the breed for RADG (residual average daily gain), and the top 4% for DMI (dry matter intake).
Werner Conversion 3052 is a 7+ framed bull that is thick, smooth, strong-topped, deep quartered, and good footed.
His dam is an excellent producer. She has an average ratio of 106 on 3 calves at weaning and an average ratio of 104 on 3 calves at yearling. Furthermore, her calves ratio only 89 at birth, so 3052’s calving ease comes from both his sire and his dam.

Registration Number: 17670619
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Price: $20/straw

This Touchdown son won his feed efficiency test with a feed conversion of 3.21 and an average daily gain of 4.46. He is a correct, well balanced, good moving 7 framed bull with good feet and excellent conformation.
Werner Touchdown 3065’s first calves are impressive. They are exceptionally long bodied and strong backed. They are heavier at weaning with an average ratio of 102 on 42 calves.
His sons are stout and powerful.

Registration Number: 18253509
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Price: $20/straw

Werner Infinity 5121 is a medium framed calving ease sire with very good growth and carcass numbers. He is a good footed, very well made, attractive bull.
His dam is an excellent young cow. She ratios 122 on 2 calves at weaning. We are keeping both of her sons for use in our own herd.