Customers’ Cattle for Sale

Werner Family Angus is happy to help promote available sale cattle from our customers. Please browse through the cattle listed below, and contact us if you would like to list any of your available cattle.

Bred Heifers

Listing Date: December 10, 2020
Contact: Call Craig at 641-344-1331
Price: $1850/head – choice of 70 out of 200

• 70 Bred Heifers for sale out of 200
• Charolais and yellows AI’ed to Red Angus Bulls
• Blacks and reds AI’ed to 1/2 Semi-1/2 Angus Bulls
• February 20th calving date
• Werner low-birth-weight bulls turned out 5 days after AI

Listing Date: December 3, 2020
Contact: Call Eric at 641-745-0645
Price: $1850/head

• 70 Black Angus cross bred heifers for sale
• A.I. bred to calving ease sire Werner Infinity 5121 (AAA# 18253509)
• Start calving February 10th
• Werner low birth weight clean up bulls were put in for a 60-day calving period
• Complete mineral program
• Modified live vaccine program