More Birthdays

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It seems like all I’ve posted about lately is birthdays! February is a busy birthday month as Emma, Dad, Clint, and Marci all have a birthday within the first two weeks of the month. I’m going to have one of the kids do some research and see which month has the most family birthdays…my bet is February.

And the fun thing about Clint and Marci’s birthday is that they share the same day. What are the odds?!

And do you want to know another great thing about Clint and Marci? They enjoy working together. Now Clint is usually a fun guy to work cattle with anyway, but when you throw Marci in, too, it is just a fun, entertaining day.

Clint is also a fun uncle. He is always willing to take the kids along, and is especially known for his help hunting and fishing.

He is in charge of the row crop around here is also the master mechanic.

We are just so blessed to have Clint and Marci as part of our family and hope they had a fun birthday!

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