A Busy Week!

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To the untrained eye this stack of paperwork may just look like the “leaning tower of paperwork”, but to others this stack tells a story…  I see at least 4 different sets of paperwork, which means there 4 different days/sets of cattle working.  There are also several white boxes, which I know are TSU (tissue samples for DNA).  And if they ran the calves through the chute to collect DNA then they probably got a weight on them, and while they were at it the probably took disposition scores on all of them, and then more than likely they made a sort on keeps and culls and recorded that as well.  I also see what look to be CORFs (Chute Order Record Forms), which would mean that Aunt Bon ultrasounded some cattle last week as well.  And from the pictures that I got I can add preg checking to the week’s list.

So, what comes with a busy week of cattle working?  You guessed it, PAPERWORK!  This will be what she’s hard at work on when she gets a call that someone needs help working cattle or Uncle Will needs her to run a tractor in the field.  And that would be why the paperwork is never ending.

Here are some pictures from the preg checking day!  The last picture is my favorite!

I told you it was good!  Now, the whole white hazmat suit is maybe not the most stylish, but is the word stylish really applicable when we’re talking about someone covered in a brown substance???  Also, I had to include this just for kicks.  My computer generates alternate text for a picture (trying to describe what the picture contains….).  Here is what it came up with.  A picture containing person, fish, standing, spiny-finned fish.  So, is Aunt Bon the “spiny-finned fish”???  I’m not sure, but maybe they should work on their captioning software a little more.  We’d love to hear some of your ideas of the best caption for this picture!  Leave your caption ideas in the comments!

Can’t wait to hear them!

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