A Family Thing by Lindsay

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What do you guys see when you look at this picture? At first all I saw was a picture of Emma smiling, and was a little confused as to why Aunt Heather posted it. But then I looked closer and saw the butter on her nose….

Does that mean anything to you??? Probably not, unless you’ve heard of our birthday tradition. I think Grandpa Elton originally started this tradition and it has been carried on for many decades. But as far as I can remember it has always been Papa Jim that you had to watch out for… And here’s the reason why. He would position himself in the kitchen (by the butter dish) and visit for a while. Then dip his finger into the butter and get a nice little dollop. And then while you walked by, or he stood behind you, he’d swiftly stick the butter right on your nose. That’s the whole point of the game. I don’t know why, but that’s what we’ve done for years!

And then when his birthday rolls around all of us kids would plot and plan on how we could butter his nose. (I really don’t think we’re as crazy as this whole thing sounds!) 😊

Anyway, my point being, as soon as I saw the butter on Emma’s nose, I remembered instantly what day it was! (I’m sorry Emma, if you’re reading this in a few years, but I do know when your birthday is. It just slipped my mind for a second.) And it struck me funny, how butter and birthdays will always be connected in my mind!

So…. Now you know that little fun (or weird) fact about us!

Hope everyone has a good rest of the day!

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