A Fish Story

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I got a call from Rhett the other day to come see his big fish. Now Rhett’s not one to call unless it’s important, so I thought I better go check it out.

When I got to the pond, he showed me his 7-pound bass. WOW! Rhett loves to fish and is always catching large ones, but this is the biggest bass he’s caught so far. It was a monster.

Which reminds me of the time Beck and I took the kids fishing when they were much younger. We were at a neighbor’s pond with 7 children ages 3-8 and we were fishing. Now I’d like to think I’m the parent who is untangling kids’ lines, changing lures, helping remove fish hooks, etc., but that’s just not me. If I have to go fishing, I’m going to be fishing. Rhett gets to deal with all the problems.

So here we are at this pond, fishing away, when I catch a big one. I mean this sucker is humungous. I start reeling for all I’m worth. Beck and Rhett are cautioning me to go slowly or I might break my line. I’m not heeding their advice at all. I have got to land this fish! So I’m straining with all my might bringing this massive fish to shore when it gets close enough I can see it. “Oh. My. Goodness!” I shout. “It’s a monster!” Now it’s close enough I can taste it and as I go to bring it the last 5 feet, it-surprisingly- snaps my line.

I’m standing there in stunned silence. Beck and Rhett are chastising me about how I did it wrong, and Abby starts running for the truck with a terrified expression on her face.

We finally catch up with her to see what’s the matter, and we discover she thought we were literally pulling a monster out of the pond and she wanted no part of that.

To this day, when anyone catches a big fish, we like to call it a monster. It brings a smile to our faces.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. When I read “It was a monster” that story came to mind! That is definitely a story to remember!

    Great job Rhett!

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