A Moving Cows Day by: Lindsay Hays

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When I was planning on coming up to IA I was wondering what I was going to do on Saturday. I didn’t have any plans! Now I should have known better to think I would have a day off. I’m just kidding! It really is nice to have the opportunity to “work” outside in the sunshine with family all day, so I really am grateful.

This picture is so pretty with all the trees in the background!

This group was our 4th group of the day, and you could say that we saved the best for last… See that cute little calf??? While they are very cute, they are also interesting to move.

First, we got them all headed towards the gate,

then sent the boys up to head the cows in the right direction.

Now that they were headed down the road, we had to make sure they stay on the road… And that got a little tricky when we were dealing with ~70 calves… Imagine taking 70, three year old’s on a field trip.

There’s always a couple that test the limits and you must set back in line. Thankfully these cowboys could handle it!

When we got to fence on both sides it was a relief!

Such a relief that our beautiful photographer was able to snap some fun pictures!

Onward we trudged, encouraging the little babies to keep up with their mothers.

Once they arrived at their pasture, we had to take a moment to admire our hard work.

Here’s a picture of Grandma Lois. The fun part about the cattle drive was that Grandma got to watch the cows go by the house. Unfortunately, nobody got a picture of that. She enjoyed watching all the excitement.

So that was a glimpse into our busy Saturday!
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