A New Roommate

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Joe got lonely last week while Heather and the kids were out in Colorado visiting the Hays’.  So he went out and found himself a new roommate.  Isn’t he just the cutest?  And it’s not a dog, by the way.  It’s a sweet little calf.

Now, Joe claims that the calf was cold and needed warmed up, but I’m pretty sure Joe just needed some companionship, so he went out and found the first available critter he could and dragged him into the house under the guise of “helping the little guy out.”

I’m pretty sure Joe dragged the little guy upstairs to watch TV with him.  And invited him to supper with his buddies.  I’m guessing he even contemplated tucking him into bed next to him but decided those sharp little hooves might not feel the best raking down his back.

It was a good thing Heather and the kids got home shortly thereafter, as there’s no telling what mayhem might have transpired if they were away much longer.

And I am happy to report that the little calf is back with his mamma where he belongs, and order has been restored in the Werner household.

Have a great day!

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