A Retraction

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Okay. I hate to admit when this happens, but I made a glaring mistake yesterday. (Which happens very seldom. Lol.) My sweet hubby pointed it out to me and got quite a kick out of my ignorance.

Apparently, when I referred to this tractor as a Johnny Popper yesterday, I committed one of farming’s most conspicuous faux paus. Because Johnny Popper apparently is brand-specific and refers only to old John Deere tractors which had some type of two-cylinder engine which made a “pop-pop-pop” sound as it drove along. Who knew?! I thought it referred to all old tractors which putted along. Though it does make perfect sense once I thought about it. Johnny Popper….John Deere. I’m seeing the connection. So I apologize profusely for my mistake. I hope I didn’t offend any tractor lovers out there! And I will try to learn from my mistake and never make it again.

Now, I promise to get out of the house and take some pictures of the ranch outside of my living room soon. But it’s just so darn cold out!

So in the meantime, stay warm and have a great day!

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  1. Ask your Dad if he remembers what kind of tractor Grandpa Hillebran rode that he called Elvis caused it shook him up.
    I can’t remember if it was an Allis or what.

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