Academic Achievement Awards

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Our sweet cheerleader and tough football player were honored last week for being on the A honor roll last year. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’ve been on the A honor roll their entire high school career.Way to go, cousins!

See how far they’ve come!Oh this picture brings back memories. This was the day after Rhett broke his thumb and the doctor told him to stay inside and do nothing more active than play chess. Then I lay down to take a quick little nap and wake up to this. I’m not sure how they survived. Or how long my nap was. Seriously, they had time to dig a hole, find fourteen buckets, fill them up with water, dump a bucket of corn, and kick their shoes off and play in their man-made tub? I couldn’t have been asleep more than five minutes…

My how time flies.

Have a great day!

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