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Because Christmas is right around the corner and a little extra shopping money always comes in handy, we’ve decided to have a giveaway.

The rules: Guess who is in the photo above. Is it Jim or is it Joe? (And we’re talking about the person in the cowboy hat…) State your guess in the comments section below, or text me your guess at (641)344-8258, or email me at One guess per person, please. All correct guesses will have a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. The deadline to enter your guess is Wednesday, December 7th.

Note: If you leave your guess in the comments below, it will say “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” I have to approve the comments before they will post. (I’m not sure why I have to do that, but I don’t have the whole blog thing figured out yet, so for now, that’s how it works.) If you log back in the next day, it should be posted.

The prize: $100 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner.

Have fun and good luck!

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