Another Legal Driver

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Matt got his permit last week.  He was so excited!  (Not that you can tell by this picture;)  But really, deep down inside, he’s doing cartwheels and singing Hallelujah.  He really is.  I just know it.

He also had some friends over.  And guess what they did?  Played on the Xbox till the wee hours of morning and slept till noon?  No.  No, I’m afraid not.  They got to move cows!

I mean, kids have got to love to come to our house.  They’re probably like, “Hey, let’s go to Matt’s house so we can ride horses and work cattle all day!  That will be, like, so fun!”

But bless their hearts, they are always willing to help.

Have a great day!

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  1. I noticed you said legal driver. like most farm kids he has been driving for how long???????
    Make sure the phone stays out of his hands.

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