Ashtyn’s Graduation!

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Last weekend Rhett and Ashtyn graduated from high school!  Along with graduation comes graduation parties…

Ashtyn’s parents pretty well handled the party, so the rest of us were able to just show up and enjoy ourselves.  I will add though that Aunt Bon, Mom, and Uncle Will did stay to help clean up.

Her party was beautiful!

The cookies were almost too pretty to eat!  Notice I said almost.  We decided a picture was enough documentation that we could eat the evidence.  😊  Ashtyn’s cousin, who has a cookie business, made and decorated all the cookies.  She did a great job!

There was a lot of good food and people all had a good time visiting!

Oh, and Aunt Trish (Papa Jim’s sister) and Uncle Rodger were able to come back for that party!  Everyone enjoyed seeing them and they enjoyed seeing everyone.  😊

All the kids had a fun time playing right outside the door!

It was a good night filled with fun and fellowship!

Ashtyn plans to attend DMAC in the fall and get a degree in nursing!  We’re so proud of you, Ashtyn!  Hope you have a fun time at college and learn lots!

Next time I’ll update you on Rhett’s graduation party!


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