Aunt Punk

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Aunt Punk came to visit this past weekend. She flew in from Florida along with her friend, Bob. We all got together for lunch on Friday and had a great time.

Grandma Lois came down, too, so that was fun.

(Don’t you love how I take pictures of everyone eating?!)

Aunt Punk gets back about once a year so it’s always great to catch up. And we realized the last time I was down there was when I was pregnant with Rhett…that’s almost 15 years ago! I think we need to take a girls’ trip to Sarasota soon.

And on a completely different note, Punk is not really Aunt Punk’s name. I always get strange looks (similar to the ones Ty and Jakey are giving me) when I tell people about my Aunt Punk. Her real name is Linda, but she got the nickname Punk (short for Punkin’, I think) when she was young and it stuck.

Funny how those things happen. I also have a brother people call Fred even though his real name is Clint. So people think I have three brothers: Fred, Clint, and Joe. HA!

Hope you have a great day!

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