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It was AWANA night last night. And not only that, it was an early-out from school, which meant I had eight young whipper snappers under my care for the afternoon. So I did what any self-respecting mother would do…I took a nap.

Just kidding! Just kidding. I put them to work.

Now please, please don’t judge me for the completely revolting, inexcusable, horrendous, disgusting, repulsive, filthy state of the north side of my house. It happens every year and I have no idea why. I’m just lucky, I guess.

So I played Tom Sawyer and got out the ladder and scrub brushes and water hose and got to “work.” It worked like a charm. Before I knew it, I had handed over my scrub brush and was kicked back drinking my coffee. Okay, it might not have gone quite like that, but pretty close.

And guess what, before we knew it, the house looked good as new!

After we finished cleaning our house,

We found some flower beds to clean out. Theses guys were awesome! They had all the annuals pulled and carried to the pile in no time.

So that kept us entertained for most of the afternoon, but that left three children unaccounted for.

Oh well. That’s pretty normal. Keeping track of five out of eight kids was doing good in my book and the other three would surely show up sometime.

Oh I’m kidding. I knew exactly where they were the whole time.

They had to move cows.

So they loaded up their horses…

And off they went.

We had a very productive afternoon. And boy was I exhausted after our big day. Thank goodness Wednesdays only come around once a week!

Have a great day!

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