“Baby its Cold Outside!” by Lindsay Hays

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Anyone who has stepped outside the past few days, or even looked out the window knows that it is frigid out! Last Saturday we spent our morning inside doing office work, but then we had to go weigh and scan some cattle at the Beef Center.

You might be surprised that we look so happy, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. We didn’t worry about what we looked like. We just kept putting the layers on. Matt complained wearing his “farmers” outfit. He prefers a cowboy hat and chaps. I put on my “trash man” coat… That’s what Cody calls it because he says I look like a trash man in it. And Aunt Bon, well… She just always dresses in layers, just like Mom. No matter the weather, they will always come prepared with a sweatshirt or coat to whatever occasion.

So, the moral of the story… When our temperatures are confused with the artic, dress warmly, and grin and bear it. A smile puts out a whole lot of warmth on its own!

Try to stay warm or at least don’t freeze… 😊


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