Baling Hay

Bonnie LarsonUncategorized

We have had some beautiful weather the past several days and have been able to put up quite a bit of our second cutting. You know how I told you I loved the sight of a freshly mowed field? Well, the raking and baling rank right up there, too.

Clint is usually the baler. Mom or Joe usually mow.

Dad is running the rake right now, but this is one job most anybody can do, so it varies on who runs the rake on any given day.

We were really efficient this week on getting the hay baled and picked up (which is not always the case) and Joe and Caleb were picking up hay in the same field that was being baled. That was a good feeling. Ty got to ride along with Joe and keep him in line.

Then you have the “Girls on Call” who are ready at a moment’s notice to go pick someone up in the field or run somebody a roll of net wrap or a water jug or whatever else is needed. They arguably have the best job as they get to hang out and have fun until they are called into action. Good thing we have such good help!