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Baseball has consumed my waking hours for the last 6 weeks.  And I must admit I love it.

Now all three kids are playing ball this summer, but I only remembered to take the camera to Matt’s game.  Go figure.

So you get to see Matt in action.

He hits, he scores!  (Well, actually, I have no idea if he scored or not.  He could have been out at first for all I know…)

And do you want to know one great perk of baseball?  My laundry pile is never very big.  When you get to wash three uniforms every day, you tend to be able to throw lots of clothes in the washer.  Bonus!

Now the pile I need to fold is quite large, but at least it’s clean, right?

And another perk of baseball?  Sometimes I get to the take these little squirts with me.  They are entertaining!  And we have found a nice, refreshing treat at the concession stand for only a quarter.  How can you beat that!

Have a great day!

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