Basketball Reunion

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After 25 years, we finally did it. We had a “basketball reunion!” It’s something we’ve talked about forever, but last Sunday night, it finally happened. And boy did we have fun!

We watched game film, we ate, we laughed, we caught up on everyone’s lives…it was the most enjoyable evening! And you know the best part? We haven’t aged a bit. Not one iota. No sir, not us. We looked just the same as we did in those films. (Thankfully the films were not high def.) Well, okay, maybe not, but we haven’t changed a bit. It was seriously just like old times.

We even considered heading down to the gym and dusting off a few moves, but our chairs were much too comfy and the mostaccioli was calling our name, so we relived our glory days from the comfort of Kath’s living room.

We decided we needed to do this again, before another 25 years flies by.

I am so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful team in our wonderful community.

God is good!

Have a great weekend!

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