Big Boy! – By Heather

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Ty, who is my oldest, is growing so fast! He will turn 5 this July; it is going by way too fast for me! When he was 3 he taught himself how to ride a bike in the basement over the winter. Now a couple weeks ago I took off his training wheels. He was very stubborn at first and didn’t want to do it. He kept asking me to put them back on, but if you watched him ride his bike you could tell he didn’t need the training wheels anymore, so I was a mean mommy and wouldn’t do it. Today Matt got on Ty’s bike and showed him and a few minutes later he was riding his bike without training wheels!

He is doing great! Joe said once they finish pouring concrete for the barn he will have a big smooth slab to ride on and I will never get him to stop! Thank you Matt for showing him what to do! I tried but I was way too big for his bike! Lol

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