Birthday Dinner

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By Heather

Monday the kids and I worked on making Joe his birthday dinner. Joe’s favorites are steak, homemade potato chips and angel food cake. It was a lot of work, especially trying to give three kids a job to do without getting hurt. We made the cake the night before, so it had plenty of time to cool down before we frosted it. I got all my egg whites separated and then found out I didn’t have any cream or tarter. Go figure! I drive up to Grammy’s to see if she had any and I couldn’t find any! I was thinking I was going to have to go back to town but stopped by Bon’s on my way and she had one! Bon wasn’t there so I left the message with Abby, and she said she was sure that was fine and that she didn’t think her mom ever used it cause she has never seen it before! Lol The cake got made!

And the next day we got it frosted! Of course we had to have pink frosting. No one has ever told me why we need pink frosting but I don’t think Joe would eat it if it wasn’t pink.

Every time I broil something it smokes up my house pretty good. Jim, Joe, and Clint were sure I had burnt the steak buts they were perfect.

I don’t know why they ever doubt me. Lol

Then we did the potato chips. Now these take me awhile. You have to slice them as thin as you can get them and then I double fry them. Man is Joe spoiled.

They turned out pretty good though! I hope you had a great birthday Joe! We love you!

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