Breeding- June 13th

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By Lindsay Hays

You might be wondering why June 13th is so important that it gets to be in the title… Well it just so happens that we have been so busy we haven’t done many blogs. As in none in the past couple weeks. But don’t worry we have pictures of everything and will catch you up. Aunt Bon had the great idea to do it by day, so here we go! As I look back at the pictures, I noticed that June 13th was a very busy day!

It started at 5:30 when we got cows up and bred them.

I really like this picture of Uncle Joe.

It was cold that morning, so we covered up with the guy’s jackets that they no longer needed!

Cody kept us cattle.  He looks so cheery in this picture!

After breeding we moved cows!  Ashtyn went to spray thistles right after this picture though.

Jessica, Ty, Emma, and I rode in the Kubota.  Ty was our chauffeur.  I’m not sure if you really have those on cattle drives, but we did!  He did a pretty good job, too!

Rhett, Matt, and Cody were on horses.

Then this showoff decided he’d try some tricks.  This way he can watch the cows coming behind him easier.

I love these pictures that I got!

Emma shared her water bottle with Matt.

And this got us to lunch time!  I’ll show the other half of our day in another blog.

Have a good day!

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