Bringing Up the Herd Bulls

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Dad and Rhett went out yesterday to bring up the last of the herd bulls. I decided to run out and see if I could get a quick picture of them.

I told Abby I was just going to be gone a second as my plan was to run out, take a few pictures, and run back home. But instead, I ended up helping move the bulls. Abby was not surprised.

Apparently I get distracted easily. But come on, when you see these massive creatures coming towards you, you can’t help but stop and admire them.

We moved them about a half mile down the road and my job was to drive the pickup in front of them and stop traffic. (Because let’s face it, if someone popped over the hill and ran into one of these guys, they would stop traffic too, just not in a good way.)

Which made it slightly difficult to take a good picture. HA!

Then I got this brilliant idea to take a picture in the side mirror. And I think it would have worked really well, if only my mirror had been clean. Bummer!

The bulls moved very nicely considering there were other bulls on each side of the fence wanting to talk to them.

At one point, this guy decided he’d like to go check out the ladies on the other side of the fence and talk some smack to the bull in the other pasture, but Rhett and Grampy convinced him that would not be a good idea.

Just be patient, boys, and we’ll take you to a nice, green pasture full of sweet bovines that you can romance all summer. (TMI?)
Have a great day!

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