Bull Flyers by Heather

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We put together the bull flyer today and I mean all day! We started in the morning copying them off and hoping to be done before the kids got home from school. It was going according to plan! It was looking good; we might even be able to sneak in a nap! And of course we had all our happy helpers! (Sorry, I have a lot more pictures of my kids then what I was actually doing, but who wants to look at papers printing?)

After dinner we had a few more helpers join. I am sure Jessica and Cody were very happy they chose today to come up and visit us.

Everyone was stapling, folding, and stuffing away when the copier broke down. Now don’t worry I did not panic, I called Bon and let her do that! We couldn’t get it fixed so just slowly printed them off at Bon’s and at home. Papa Jim brought us a stack from Bon’s and we continued on our way. It was just a lot slower process.

Which worked out just fine since the kids came home from school. Matt and Cody entertained the little ones while the girls finished the job!

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  1. I would say it was a long job to, but we got it done! I think everyone could agree it is more fun looking at pictures of the kids then of paper! Good job!

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