Burning the Asparagus

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It’s finally starting to warm up a little around here. The grass is almost starting to turn green, which means it’s almost time to garden! So yesterday, two of my sweet kiddos asked if they could go burn our asparagus patch.

I’ve read in gardening magazines that you’re supposed to let your asparagus stand all winter and cut it off in early spring.

I did that one year. It was not fun. It took forever and then I had to haul all of the debris to the trash.

Then someone, I think Grandma Martha or Grandpa Lewis, told me I should just try burning it where it stood. Well, I’ve never looked back. That is definitely the way to do it in my opinion. It takes about twenty minutes and it’s super easy. Especially if the kids do it. Lol.

Now we are ready for the first stalks of asparagus to poke through!

Have a great day!

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