Busy Weekend! – By Lindsay Hays

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Well, last weekend was an unusual one for sure! We had family scattered all over the country going to different ranches to ultrasound cattle!

First mother-son duo, scanning places a few hours away. Aunt Bon and Matt

Here we have the other mother- son duo, they flew out to Nevada. However, I don’t have a picture of them both chute side because Cody had other plans while they were in Nevada… Check back to see what he did while Mom scanned.

Uncle Will made it out to Colorado to ultrasound and stayed at our house while he was there.

Then Aunt Carolyn and I went way out West to California! We even got to see the ocean once we finished scanning.

And the rest of the family stayed home and kept things running on the ranch!

Check back this week, for all the trip’s details!!!

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