Busy Weekend

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It was busy around the ranch this weekend.

To begin, we hosted a group of Iowa State students for a farm tour. This was an exceptional group of students. They asked very intelligent questions and seemed quite interested in our operation.

First, we showed them the feed efficiency center and explained how the test works and how the data is useful and applicable to the cattle industry.

The kids enjoyed looking at the facility and checking out the bunks.

Then we moved up to Joe and Heather’s where we ate lunch and looked at the bulls and the new bull barn.

Heather and “the team” did an excellent job serving and preparing the meal. It was wonderful!

After the tour, we headed down to Mount Ayr to watch the prom walk-in. (I’ll show you more pictures about that tomorrow.)

And finally, on Sunday, we headed down to Maryville to watch the kids in their recital.

It was amazing! I wish I could play the audio for each song the kids played.

I will have to show you more pictures from that later this week, too.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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