Carving Pumpkins

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This was the first year we had the kids carve pumpkins. I told Joe we did the hard part of cutting the tops off, and getting all the seeds and slimy stuff out. He of course disagreed with me when I had him actually carve them all for the kids since it took me forever to get through a couple of the tops!

At first the only kid that was all for putting her hands in the slimy mess was Brook!

She loved it!! But this is also coming from the girl who has food covered hands and scrubs her face and combs her fingers through her hair.

The rest did finally start to enjoy it after a lot of “Eww’s” and “This is so gross!”

And we had to try and get all the seeds in the bowl so we could bake them later for Daddy!

The finished project! The kids drew their own faces except Brook; I think Joe just winged that!! Left to right; Ty, Jake, Emma, Brook.

They had a lot of fun but I still think I had the hardest job!

Have a great day!

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