Cattle Drive

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The other weekend Papa Jim, Matt, Ty, Jake, and I saddled up to move a group of fall cows. Since it was just the momma cows and no calves it was the perfect time for Ty and Jake to hone in their cattle drive skills before the busy summer arrives.

Abby took Brook and Emma in the side-by-side with her. Judging by some of the pictures, I believe she put the girls in charge of the camera… 😊

For instance, here we have the top half and the bottom half of the Papa Jim and Dodger. It’s a little scary how well they line up! (And I didn’t just cut the picture in half…)

You get the picture…

This face looks like a “sorry, Lindsay” kind of face. “Oh, it’s ok Brookie! There are several good ones in there too!”

“Whew! You had me worried for a second!”

Brookie and Emma helped Abby lead the cows, drive, and take pictures. While the Ty, Jake, and I kept the cows moving in the back.

Matt and Papa Jim rode on the sides to make sure the cows stayed on the road. We didn’t have fence on one side for most of the drive.

Let’s just face it. No cattle drive is complete without someone showing off. 😊

And after 3 miles we made it to our destination!

It was a beautiful day that day! In fact if you asked the horse and riders it was down right hot at times. (Nothing like today, where we have a dusting of snow in the end of April). But Grandma was able to sit out on the porch and watch us come down the road. Then we all went over and talked to her for a minute.

And this little squirt thought he would try Matt’s trick. Apparently, the broken arm last summer didn’t slow him down any. You can see Matt on the phone in the background where he was getting the next job lined up for these horse and riders…

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