Cheyenne Frontier Days

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It seems like forever ago now, but when we were visiting Beck and Craig, we all went to Cheyenne Frontier Days. It was a blast.

Although when we first arrived on the scene, I wasn’t sure that was going to be the case.

You see, under the advisement of a good friend, we had decided to go to the pancake breakfast. And at first glance, I thought that was a huge mistake. By the time we got there, the line was over a quarter of a mile long…it took us 10 minutes just to find the end of it!

At about this point, Will leaned over and whispered to me “We will do this only one time.”

But I’ll be darned if the line didn’t move just about as fast once we got in it and we had our food in no time. It was fun to watch the whole procession as they had it down to a science. They mixed the pancake batter in a cement truck (the kids were worried they might bite into a chunk of concrete). They had at least four food lines with multiple people putting food on your plate: three pancakes, one slice of ham, blueberries if you desired, and a drink. By the time we got our food and were seated, we realized we could not have gone to a restaurant and gotten served faster than we did there. And to top if off, the food was delicious. Plus, it was free!

So what began as a “We will do this only once” turned into a “We should do this again.” It was great.

After our speedy breakfast, we had some time to kill before the rodeo. So we split up and wandered the town. These three gorgeous ladies and I had so much fun.

First, we stopped at this lovely museum. We met this really sweet lady, Annabelle I believe, who taught us all about the switchboard. She was a little shy. But I was fascinated with her job and asked her lots of questions. “So, can you listen in on other people’s conversations?” “Did you ever hear anything scandalous?” “Did you ever ring someone up in the middle of the night just for the fun of it?” “Did your boyfriend every call and ask to be connected to another girl so you pretended to connect him but instead impersonated the mistress and told him where to go?

But you know what, she got very irritated with all my questions and wouldn’t answer a single one. In fact, you’ll never guess what she did.

That’s right. She called the cops and had us all thrown in jail.

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble, officer. I was just asking a few questions.” I pleaded.

“Girls, behave yourselves!” I tried to get my cohorts to act respectable about the whole thing. But they insisted on being nincompoops.

This whole day was quickly turning into a disaster (as is this post;)

“Annabelle? Can you hear me? I just wanted to be friends. I’m sorry I offended you. I know you would never have done any of the ridiculous things I asked you about. Please forgive me, Annabelle!”

Thankfully, Annabelle forgave me and dropped all charges and we were free to go. WHEW! (Got us out of that little scrape with our dignity intact.)

(P.S. I think I really would have loved Annabelle’s job. In fact, I’m pretty sure Lindsay and I would have volunteered to work the switchboard. We’re good like that.)

Anyway, after our little stint in the big house, we ran into the rest of the gang at this gorgeous home furnishings store. It was AMAZING! We even met the man who handmade all these beautiful pieces. He was so friendly and nice and told us all about what he does and how he got started.

I fell in love with this bed and had all kinds of questions rattling around in my mind, but I learned my lesson from Annabelle and kept those to myself.

Our next stop was the rodeo.

And after the exciting morning we’d had, it was good just to sit back and enjoy the show.

We had such a great time!

(And don’t worry, our little run-in with Annabelle will not go on anyone’s permanent record.)

Have a great day!

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  1. I am afraid you inherited the Werner women’s inquiring minds. Don’t understand why everyone gets upset with all our questions!
    As someone who grew up on a “party line” I do remember the line calls reminding everyone at once about the chili supper at the basketball game and to come out and support it. Much more personal than a text alert!

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