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We had a full week of chopping around the ranch last week. It’s a fun time of year, though very busy.

It takes a large crew and we are very blessed to have such great help. We like to have four people hauling…

And on this particular day we had Rhett…


This little squirt (along with his sweet Aunt Bon)…

And Caleb and his lovely assistant Abby.

The four haulers take turns driving along-side Joe, who runs the chopper and fills the wagons.

Once the wagon is full, the hauler drives from the field to the bagger.

The hauler pulls up alongside the bagger…

Where Clint is waiting to unload the wagon and fill the bag.

The haylage is conveyed out of the wagon and augered/packed into the long, white silage bag.

It takes about 16 loads to fill one bag, so this process goes on all day.

Once the haylage is in the bag, it undergoes an ensiling fermentation process which I really don’t understand so I won’t try to explain it. All I know is when it comes back out of the bag to be fed to cattle, it is good stuff. The cattle love it!

So there is a day in the life of chopping on the Werner ranch. Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great day!

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  1. Looks like a lot of hard work but also good for the cattle. Glad that it is done for the year and everybody is safe.

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