Christmas Baking by: Lindsay

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I told you about the gingerbread houses, but we did bread, cookies, and playing that day, too. Here are some pictures.

Jessica started on the bread.

Here they are all done. We had to eat some for lunch!
Jake, Emma, and I made some sugar cookies.

Oh, Jakey!

I had a lot of fun having these guys help! The measuring wasn’t exact, but thankfully it doesn’t really bother me. We eyeballed some of it. Or added a little more of something if we were short on it. I think they had fun helping.

We played outside a lot that day!

There was lots to do!
That night our family decorated all the sugar cookies.

We had a fun day!
It’s always fun to do something with everybody, and we’re blessed to get to do lots of things together.
Remember what we get to celebrate! Jesus’ birthday!
Merry CHRISTmas!

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