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Our church had their annual Christmas Program Sunday night. It was absolutely amazing. I love our church’s Christmas Program!

We have these wonderful ladies at our church who are very creative and they come up with a skit to bring home the meaning of Christmas in a real-world setting.

And this year the stage was set at a radio station. It was Christmas Eve and there was a major blizzard approaching. Our church kids played the part of emergency broadcast personnel for the station and their job was to keep the public informed about the approaching storm and to bring their listeners Christmas spirit.

Of course, one radio personality was a scrooge and didn’t like Christmas and had no idea what the true meaning of Christmas was. So, it was up to the rest of the radio broadcasters to tell the true meaning of Christmas to their listeners and in turn, their fellow co-worker.

The kids did an awesome job. I am so appreciative of all the hard work the kids and the ladies put into organizing this production.

This sure put me in the spirit of Christmas!

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