Cold days and Homemade Deer Jerky

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Does anybody else feel like this cold icky weather hit us out of nowhere! Was anyone prepared for it? I don’t know why it shocks me every time the weather changes; you think I would be used to it by now.

I saw this on Facebook the other day and thought it was so true!! And hilarious!! That’s exactly what everyone I know does!

And back to the matter at hand, Deer Jerky!

A couple years ago Joe brought home deer meat and wanted me to try and make jerky with it. I probably gave him a “you’re crazy look” but I really got into it, for two reasons. One, it helps keep my house warm since my ovens are on all days drying out the jerky and I have a stubborn husband who refuses put wood on till November. Two, I love to experiment with food and I can really do a lot with deer meat. I have done many different kinds of jerky and I have tried deer sticks and summer sausage.

So when Bon asked me to do a blog today and she thought a warm supper would be great to share since she’s outside freezing right now. Deer Jerky was the only thing that came to mind! And I haven’t actually wrote any of my recipes down but I usually try to marinate the meat in whatever sauce I come up with for at least 24 hours. I also like to cut it when it is partially frozen, that way I can get it as thin as I like it! So if you happen to have deer meat lying around I recommend trying your own version of deer jerky!

Have a great day!

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