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Cody and Tucker spent the night with us this weekend. (Along with Lindsay and Jessica…but the girls were busy watching Joe and Heather’s kiddos and I didn’t get a picture of them.) And as luck would have it, we had a cattle drive that we needed the boys’ help on.

And that got me thinking, I wonder if kids like spending the night with us. It seems like any time we have friends or cousins over, we put them to work.

Take Tucker, for instance. He’s never ridden a horse on a cattle drive in his life, but did that slow him down? No. And bless Tucker’s heart, he did a great job. I’m pretty sure when it started raining on us at the very beginning of the drive he was wondering what on earth he had gotten himself into, but before long the sun came out and all was well.

Tucker became quite the cowboy and by the end of the drive he had gotten pretty good at going up and down ditches and got a kick out of it when his horse would nip the cow in front of him to get her moving.

I think if we play our cards right we might get him to help on more cattle drives in the future!

(And please excuse the manure stain on Deucer’s cheek/neck. And his disheveled mane. Wow. Who cleaned this guy up for the drive? Oh wait, that would have been me. Sorry about that! I usually try to do a better job.)

Cody got to help us as well. He has been on many cattle drives in his life, so I hope it doesn’t bother him to help us out when he comes up here, but if it does, he covers it well.

The cattle drive got a little warm, and we were moving pregnant heifers several miles, so we stopped every now and then to let them graze and cool off. And to pass the time, the kids messed around on their horses.

“Cody, be careful!” I instructed as I snapped the picture. “Please don’t brake anything!”

He just grinned at me and said, “Aunt Bon…”

And here we are, coming down the home stretch. We made it! Thanks to the good help of our kids and cousins. We are so blessed!

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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