Creation Museum and Ark by: Lindsay Hays

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Between Christmas and New Year’s Papa and Grandma Hays took us to Kentucky for a visit to the Creation Museum and the Ark. We spent 1 day at each place. The Creation Museum had all their Christmas lights up, and they were just so pretty. We got there at dark the first evening so we walked around there.

This shows only a few compared to what they had. Gorgeous!

They also had a live nativity set up. It was pretty cold so we all got some hot chocolate that night. Cody and I both forgot to get our coats out of the car which Mom and Dad took back home. Jessica, Papa, and Grandma happily shared their extras.

We spent most of the next day looking at the exhibits and watching a few shows they had going on. That night Jessica and Cody road a zip line across a little lake.

Getting ready for take-off!

We all got to ride the camels.

The next day we went to the Ark. It was a lot of fun!

It was so big! When you were standing up beside it you looked really small. They had a lot of cool things that you could see in there. They didn’t have real animals in it, but had replicas. Seeing how they could have designed the Ark was really cool. For example putting slotted floors in all the cages so they wouldn’t have to muck the stalls every day, makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? I know that when we read about the Ark in the Bible I don’t really think about all the food, water, storage, or the “waste”. We had a really good time. We got home on New Year’s Eve, and were really worn out. Most of us were in bed by at least 9:30! Big party poopers, I know. But we would be rising and shining early the next morning.

Have a great rest of the day!

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