Cutting Cedars

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Though you can’t really tell from this picture, Mom is busy cutting down a cedar tree. This is something we do in the winter as part of our pasture management. Why would we want to cut down a tree, you ask? Because cedar trees are evil. Okay, that might be a little dramatic. But cedar trees are like noxious weeds in pastures. They can turn a productive piece of pasture land into a wasteland if left unchecked.

And winter is the perfect time to cut them because the grass has gone dormant for the year and the trees are easy to spot.

So a couple times a week, we try to go out and cut cedars. We use large loppers and I personally prefer the ratcheting type. It is definitely a workout, but it feels good to get out and do something after being in the house all day.

And one of the best parts about it is you can really see what you’ve accomplished. It’s quite enjoyable to look back over the pasture and see all the trees you’ve cut…unless you spot that one you missed. Lol.

And working with someone else makes the job go fast and it’s always fun to visit while you work. As Mom always says, “Many hands make light work!”

Have a great day!

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