Daylight Savings Dilemma

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Daylight Savings Time just ended over the weekend and it got me wondering…

Are you one of those people who methodically goes around Saturday night and sets all your clocks back like you’re supposed to? Do you change the smoke alarm batteries, wash your lint trap, and hit the hay early, only to wake up at 7:00 the next morning feeling so well-rested and refreshed you can hardly stand it?

Or are you one of those people who forgets to set your clock back entirely and arrives at church an hour early just to realize no one is there and then you immediately assume the Rapture has happened and you’re still here and holy smokes things cannot get worse and you are right in the middle of getting yourself worked up into a nervous breakdown when you realize that you have only forgotten to set your clock back.

Or are you like me and are somewhere in the middle? Do you remember daylight savings time, but rather than actually set your clocks back, you just mentally subtract an hour and leave the clocks alone. Until you decide to correct the clock on the stove because it’s relatively easy and you don’t have to climb on the back of the couch or on top of the counter and risk life and limb to set the clock. Unfortunately, that leads to mass confusion as now you can’t remember which clocks you’ve corrected, and which clocks are on old time. You have to consult the clock on your phone (which thankfully resets automatically) to confirm which clock is correct and then, and only then, do you decide you must get all your clocks set properly before you go insane. This usually happens to me sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

And I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I still can’t get to sleep at night. I lie there looking at the clock thinking, “Geesh, it’s midnight, which means it’s really one o’clock old time and I’m still awake. What is wrong with me?!” And then I think, “Gosh, could something really be wrong with me?” And I run through the possible ailments which takes another hour and makes me stay up even longer and the vicious cycle continues.

I tell ya, this time-change thing is hard on me! Lol.

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  1. It is confusing! On this trip I jumped forward and lost a whole day!
    I agree, thank heaven for phones that have the correct time.

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