Days One and Two of Vacation

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We were in Montana last week on vacation. It was awesome. We had the best time. So I thought I would share some highlights from our trip.

We headed out after church on Sunday.

We made it as far as Rapid City, SD, which is apparently where a lot of people made it, because when we rolled into town at 8:30, there were only seven rooms left in the entire city. So when we found a place with one room available, we pounced on it. Never mind the fact that it only had one queen sized bed for the five of us. It was a room, man, and we were thankful. And cozy, cramped crowded, cuddled…

Rhett actually slept on the floor, but in the morning after I had gotten around he climbed in bed to pick on everyone. That’s always so pleasant in the mornings.

Then it was on the road again.

We stopped at the Little Bighorn Monument. That was really cool. Matt especially enjoyed the stop because he had been reading about General Custer, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Comanche.

The guide we listened to really brought the battle to life. And it was pretty cool because we were there within a week of when the battle actually took place (plus a hundred odd years) and the weather was very similar to how it was the day of the battle. Hot. I think it was 97 degrees when we were there which is right about what it was when the battle took place.

I could almost see the Calvary men and Indians on the hillside. Kinda eerie actually.

But after that stop, it was on to our cabin!

And we loved our cabin.

We moved right in and made ourselves at home.

And we loved the view from our cabin.

And the hot tub…

And the fire pit…

And eating supper outside.

It was the most relaxing end to our long drive. And the most wonderful place to stay.

I’ll post more about our vacation tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good day!

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