Digging Water Line

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By: Heather

Joe and Clint were working on the water line for the new barn Monday. It was cloudy but 55 degrees out so they took advantage of it.

Now I’m not sure exactly how it works. That’s why I am just taking the pictures.

Eventually I did ask Joe what exactly they were doing. They use the Ditch Witch (which they affectionately call Witchy) to dig the trench. They put the water line on the bottom, cover with dirt, then they put tile in for ground source heat under the waterer. They cover that with dirt then add the electrical line for the water heaters.

I hope all that makes sense. I was typing while Joe was trying to explain it. He sat there rolling his eyes at me for having to explain all this, but I guarantee if they came in here and wanted to know how to bake something, I would get the same blank stare that I give them when I’m trying to learn something that I haven’t done before.

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