Easter Sunday

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On Easter Sunday we spent our morning as we usually do by relaxing and slowly getting around. Church was an hour early so afterwards we had an hour to kill before we could eat dinner and take our much needed nap. We decided to head to town after church and ordered a pizza and went to the park to let the kids run off some steam while we waited for the pizza. We got home and started to unload kids and Ty found some eggs! Joe and I watched Ty, Jake, and Emma follow the line of eggs and were very shocked ourselves. I put Brook down and took the pizza in to grab my camera as fast as I could cause Ty and Jake had already seen the big surprise from the Easter Bunny!

Of course there was plenty of candy! But that wasn’t what shocked Joe and I.

The Easter Bunny left some very cute bunnies! This was the big shocker, especially since the day before I may have mentioned at dinner that my idea of a pet was a rock. Lol

The kids are in love! Since the kids are happy I am happy. Plus they are very soft and adorable!

Someone even caught the Easter Bunny in action! And later on I found out that if we didn’t go to town after church we would have caught him ourselves!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter like we did!

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