An Egg-cellent Idea?

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Abby decided to make cupcakes yesterday. It was an early-out day from school and she had some time on her hands, plus, we were all starving. So while she was busy in the kitchen mixing up her cupcakes, I was busy in the office not really paying attention to what was going on in the kitchen.

Well, out of the corner of my ear, I heard Abby tell Matt, “Go ahead and try. You can’t break it.” Somehow those words registered in this ole brain of mine and I immediately whipped to attention. I had no idea what they were talking about, but it didn’t sound good.

“Can’t break what?” I asked.

“An egg. Ashtyn said it’s not possible for a human to crush an egg in his bare hand,” Abby informed me.

Well, I’d heard that silly little rumor myself (probably from Ashtyn), but rather than take it at face value, I suggested they try their little research project outside.

I no more than got the words, “Why don’t you try that outside,” out of my mouth when I heard a loud explosion and rounded the corner in time to see egg flying everywhere. On the ceiling, on the wall, on the floor, on Matt. What a mess!

But the look on Matt’s face was priceless. It was a mixture of “Holy cow, I’m the strongest person on earth!” mixed with “Oh crap, I have to clean up this mess.”

But to me, the funniest part of the whole deal was when I texted Ashtyn to let her know the little experiment failed and she replied, “Yeah, Dad did the same thing.” HA! I can just see Clint standing there with the same expression as Matt. Priceless…

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