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By: Lindsay Hays

Last time I told you about fishing, but after fishing we did some exploring with all the cousins. Kick up your feet and I’ll tell you all about it!

We were the six amigos marching through the pasture! I brought up the rear and kept everyone in line. ☺

We marched through the cattle along with a few horses. They were enjoying the beautiful weather also.

We decided that we would have titles or “duties” on our adventure. Rhett was the general, Cody and Matt were the captains, I was the cook, pack mule, and doctor, Jessica was the look-out girl and nurse, and Abby ended up playing patient.

The pasture that we went to explore had huge hills, and it wasn’t just one big one it was pretty much all of them! The cows played the enemy, or at least they were what Jessica kept her eye out for.

Here Matt is helping Abby up the hill. He is such a good brother!

The nurse cared for Abby while I squirted some water into her mouth. She wasn’t as bad as she looks. Just a little worn out is all.

We came across a big ditch. It was here that we split up. Matt and Cody wanted to explore the ditch and Rhett wanted to explore the woods so I handed Jessica the phone and I followed Rhett while Jessica and Abby went with the boys.

And the groups reunite at last!

On our way back to the pond we picked up a few strays! You can just imagine six kids strutting through the pasture with 3 horses following. It had to have been a sight.

We went back to the “lake” and waited for Mom and Dad to come back and pick us up. They were only 30 minutes late! All in all a good day was had by all I think. We caught the next day’s lunch, explored, went to church, and did some relaxing. I’d say that equals a good Sunday!

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