Expo Weekend

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Mom, Dad, and Joe headed up to Des Moines to the Beef Expo over the weekend.  We had four bred heifers entered to show and sell.  One heifer placed second in class next to the champion, so we were happy with that.

And don’t they just look so pretty all cleaned and clipped up?  And look at those freeze brands.  Those people must really know what they’re doing.  Lol.  As Clint likes to say, “Even Ray Charles could read those.”

The Expo is a crazy few days and everyone is always happy to get back home and back to work.  But I think everyone enjoys it.

Have a great day!

P.S.  Today happens to be Dad’s birthday and this morning in “the bus” on the way to school, Abby tried (perhaps unsuccessfully?) to butter his nose.  I hadn’t seen him move that fast for quite some time.  HA!

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