Fall Bulls for Sale

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I wanted to take a picture of Dad with our 18-month-old bulls that we have for sale so I could post it on Facebook. You know all those ads that say “This is a super-duper, fantastic, excellent, top of the line, best set of bulls we’ve ever raised…” Well, that’s what I was going for. Only I didn’t want to have to use any words, I just wanted the picture to speak for itself.

So I met Dad at the bullpens and he was very willing to let me take the picture, but then he said, “This won’t take very long, will it? I’ve got to help Clint and Joe move cows soon.” So basically I had 30 seconds to take a card-worthy photo that tells everyone this is the best, most super-duper, greatest set of bulls we’ve ever raised.

Then, after I take a picture or two, he says, “Try not to get that broken eave in the picture.” And “Should I have changed clothes?” And, “Did the boys already leave?”

I now have 3.45 seconds to take the picture.

“Yep. They just pulled out.” I tell him. “But I think I’ve got a good [enough] picture.”

“Okay. Good. Well, good luck!”

And I realize, you know, we’re a working ranch. The chances of me getting a press-release worthy photo are slim, but that’s okay. And hey, I cropped the broken eave out of the picture! I don’t know much about editing pictures, but I can crop.

And these really are an excellent set of bulls. Even if the picture doesn’t tell the story.

We’d love to have you stop in and take a look!

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