Fall Weaning

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We weaned our fall calves last week. We’d been planning to do it a week or so earlier, but it was so warm, we thought it would be hard on the cattle. (It would have been nice on the humans, but that’s secondary…lol)

When we wean, we vaccinate the calves, weigh them, and tattoo them. Clint gets to run the tattoo gun. He does a really nice job and I wish I had taken a picture of what the tattoo looks like. What we do is tattoo the calf’s number in his ear. If this calf was 6215, we would put 6215 in his ears.

As we’re a registered operation, it is essential that we know who each animal is, and ear tags can fall out so the tattoo is our permanent source of identification.

Marci ran the numbers for the tattoo gun, so while Clint was prepping the calf, Marci would load the appropriate numbers into the gun. Then Joe would vaccinate him, holler out a weight to me, which I would record, and we would continue the process for all the calves.

This process continued all day, but I’m just going to take us up to lunch time today. I’ll post about our afternoon tomorrow.

Heather always makes the best lunches. She’s an amazing cook! And we like to have the person with the green hands do the serving. We’re all about cleanliness and sanitariness around here!

Have a great day!

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