Feedlot Building Fun!

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Ok.  So Uncle Will has started a new building project.  It seems we have at least one big one  a year.  They have already gotten the concrete poured, waters in, and bunks placed.  The only thing left is fencing it in.  Sounds quick and easy doesn’t it?  Well, not when it’s built strong enough to turn a buffalo.  And that is what Aunt Bon’s calling it “The buffalo fence.”   Over the weekend when Uncle Will had a nice size crew he decided it was time to start the undertaking.

First he got the boys lined out.

Then we have the skid loader dig us a nice big hole.

Then somehow they got these tree trunks put in the hole.  There actually hedge posts, but they might as well be the size of tree’s.  They are big and heavy.

Here was our cheerleader and photographer.  I really like this picture of Emma.  And if you notice her sweat shirt was about 3 sizes to big, but it kept the cold out.

Oh, and these two stopped by.  It was more of a “hi”, “bye” scenario.  They know when to run while they can.

Brookie couldn’t run too fast though or she might have tripped on her arms!

And then came the guard rail….  If only they could have decided then and there that it was weigh to hard to deal with.

But that’s not how we role, we got it unloaded with a can do attitude.  And for the record, this has all been “mechanicalized” shall we say.  It’s no longer done with brute strength.  About the time the boys left, we figured out how to make the tractor work a lot harder for us.

Wow Matt…  Good picture Emma.

Another planning session, about the first guardrail going up.

And here I am as the “lovely assistant”.  That’s the title Aunt Bon and I have given ourselves.


Awww, Emma missed Rhett, her “best buddie”, while he was away at college.

Drilling the first hole.

Here’s a picture I took the other day from my phone.  We have made quite a bit of progress from that first day.  Although, most of the crew has headed back to school we’ve still been making progress.  Uncle Will’s working mainly with girls team now, but we are still getting’ ‘er done.

So that’s what our project of the year/month/week is.

Have a great day!


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