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We’ve been busy chopping corn the last couple weeks. And any time we are working in the field, Heather is “on call” to bring us lunch in the field. And I love it when Heather brings us lunch in the field, because she spoils us.

When we see the orange Kubota coming, we know something delicious is awaiting us. (And I was so excited to see Heather that I snapped this picture through my tractor window…sorry for the dirt and smudges.)

Heather doesn’t settle for your old run-of-the-mill lunchmeat sandwiches like I would. No. She whips up something magical and brings it out to us. See that golden bun? Well, it is filled with beef, pepperoni, and cheese and if I could describe how the bread just melts in your mouth, I would, but trust me, it is delicious.

Then, she made cheese sticks, which are at the top of the plate. Oh. My. I think this was a new recipe, and it is a keeper. And finally, as the grand finale, she made Twix bars. And if there is one candy bar I love, it is the Twix bar. These suckers were fabulous! I nearly drove into the chopper when I was eating it because it was so good I had to close my eyes and savor every bite. Joe was not impressed.

Oh, and did I mention she does all this with four little squirts in tow? Yeah. She’s amazing. If there were an award for Best Field Lunch Provider, Heather should win it.

Have a great day!

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  1. Aunt Heather is a great cook!! I love it when I get to eat her food!!
    I agree she should get the “Best Field Lunch Provider”!

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